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  • Talkifly manages business travel. We use Slack to chat with travelers and we offer tools for travel managers to stay on top of their team’s travel.

  • Anyone with more than 18 years old can use Talkifly but our services are designed to serve individuals and teams that travel for work.

  • You can chat anytime anywhere in real time with Talkifly personal travel assistants using Slack. They will serve you flights, hotels, support and recommendations.

    You can also log in at Talkifly website to edit your profile and manage travel for your team.

  • Instead of building our own mobile app we decided to leverage Slack messaging platform, which works really well across all devices. If you don’t have a Slack account don’t worry, it’s free and only takes a few seconds to install. Once you do that you’re ready to sign up at Talkifly and get experienced travel assistants at your fingertips.

  • Open Slack and at the bottom left of your Slack menu you’ll find Talkifly under Slack Apps, just start typing to chat with a personal travel agent to book your business trip.

  • Our travel assistants are real people, experts on business trips. But we also have a bot to organize your trip requests. Start a chat with @talki, we always try to put you in touch with an expert on your destination so chances are you’ll have more enjoyable and seamless business trip.

  • Once you sign in at Talkifly you’ll land on a team hub. We designed this tool for travel managers, so if you manage business travel for your colleagues you’ll love it. At team hub you define company settings and team permissions, such as approvals flow, travel policies, billing details and reporting. Basically you tell us the rules so we can automate processes and serve travelers what’s best. Here’s a practical example: Ana starts a chat with @talki inside Slack, based on her pre-filled information our travel agents know that she will fly economy, John will have to approve her bookings, company will pay for her trips and invoice should be sent with company details.

  • Everyone can pay via credit card and approved clients can also pay via bank transfer within 7 days after purchase. Default payment method is always credit card, if this doesn’t work for you, let us know. Your team admin can define who pays for the trip, the traveler or the company.

  • Please provide your company billing details so we can send you invoices immediately after every purchase. Easiest was is to fill in your company billing details (company name, VAT id and company address) at Talkifly. Log in, click ‘Billing’ and fill in your company details for invoicing.

  • Yes, you can send us an email to with your travel requests but for us to respond you need to sign up at Talkifly first. Meaning, your email account is validated and registered at Talkifly.

  • We don’t change any setup or monthly fees, you only pay for flights, hotels and other services you book.

  • Travel assistants are ready to provide support and collect feedback by chatting on Slack. But if you prefer you can always drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We are always interested in hearing your feedback, feature suggestions and bug reports, so please get in touch.

  • Sign up and that’s basically it. When you sign up with Slack, Talkifly will be installed under your Slack Apps (bottom left side of your Slack menu). Members of your Slack team will see Talkifly there too. And because you were the team member bringing Talkifly onboard per default you are the only one with admin access, although you can invite as many admins as you want. Sign in at Talkifly website, click on manage team members and edit their profiles.

  • We work towards optimizing your company budget. We have various budget travel tools in place to save you money. If you need a flight we check the best time to book, we negotiate special deals for flights and hotels, we compare all the airlines in the market and we put together optimal multi city flight combos, we provide reporting so you can keep control and track all your expenses and above all we save you, your team and your office assistants tons of priceless time.

  • Some team members need approval, others don’t. You define that under ‘Manage team members’. For travelers who need approval you need to define who the approver is. The approver needs to be a registered team member. If not in the list of team members, please invite the approver to join Talkifly going to ‘Manage team members’ and click ‘Add member’.

  • If you have company policies or travel preferences for a group of colleagues you can set up that under ‘Team settings’. Let’s say you want to differentiate Directors and Managers. Go to ‘Team settings’, click ‘Add settings’ and then define the group: ‘Settings for’ Directors. Then click on ‘Manage team members’ and ‘Edit’ profile and select Directors under ‘Team settings’. When they talk with us on Slack we’ll follow your policies to serve them what’s best.

  • Under ‘Billing’ you need to fill in billing details such as company name, company VAT id and company address. All invoices will be send immediately after purchases are made team members. You can also access your team booking history and company invoices under ‘Reporting’.

  • You can add as many teams as you want to Talkifly, the only requirement is that the team exists inside Slack. When you sign up at Talkifly the members of your Slack team are imported and you can start customizing their access and permissions.

  • You can book trips for other people if you are an admin. Check your profile at Talkifly to see if you have admin access and who are the admins for your team. If you have admin access you just need to start a chat with @talkifly inside Slack, click reserve and select the travelers from the list.

  • Let’s say you are running a bootcamp or a conference or any other type of business event. Use Talkifly to help you manage travel ‘in a very easy and comfortable way’ - as said by Gualberto, an event organizer. Create a Slack team with that group of people, sign up at Talkifly and start customizing your team travel settings, such as budgets, approval flow, billing details etc. Once this is done, tell the group to start chatting with @talkifly inside Slack and relax, we do the rest.

  • To join Talkifly you don’t need to be part of a team but you need to have a Slack account to sign up. Bear in mind that our travel agents are experts in business trips.

  • Log in at Talkifly website to edit your profile and add your traveler details, so next time you book a flight or hotel, your traveler data will be pre-filled.

  • Per default the admin is the person who installed Talkifly in the first place. Admins are the only ones who can edit team members profiles at Talkifly. So please ask your team admin if you want to change your status. Sign in at Talkifly to check who’s your team admin.

  • If your flight was canceled, you need to rebook, manage a claim with the airline or similar situations that may happen during your work trip, don’t panic. Jump into Slack and message our travel assistants to get the support you need.

  • Our agents are more than happy to provide recommendations for restaurants, bars, museums and whatever you like. Just ask them.

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